DevOps Interview with Nuno Pereira

Founder and CEO Daniel Graversen had a conversation with Nuno Pereira (Integration Expert and SAP Community contributor) about DevOps and its use in SAP Cloud Integration. Nuno has posted a blog series about how they have implemented CI/CD and DevOps in their company.

Some Highlights:

Daniel and Nuno discussed how to get management interested in DevOps, which is an interesting concept on how to deal with the setup. And what the value of having a good design is.

Nuno discussed how they had initially spent two or three months on their project in their spare time to prove the tool’s value. They then got approval to spend some time on improving the process for each sprint.

They discussed the need for a native Git integration in DevOps tools and the advantages of having an offline development tool that can synchronize with Git and have it as a single source of truth. Git and merging is challenging in an SAP Cloud Integration context because there are two sources of truth.

They use SAP Cloud Transport management as the way they are transporting. They have built some pipelines to manage and handle the approval of the process. This allows them to code review the transports.

They covered code review, which is not common from an SAP Integration perspective because we have not had the tradition for it and probably not the tools for it. In other development areas, code review is a must.

They also cover testing and how they managed to test Groovy scripts and Message Mappings.

They discussed the challenges of managing multiple versions of an iFlow and the need for automation. And how they will be improving the tool in the next period.

Figaf’s Take

It has been interesting to view what can be built by a team of good developers in the context of delivering integrations. They have been running into many of the same problems we have when making the Figaf Tool.

If you enjoy building such a CI/CD pipeline, it is an excellent way to make your infrastructure. It will be a journey where you will learn a lot.

But if you want something done where you don’t need to work a lot to get started then we recommend starting with Figaf. You can set up a pipeline with testing, governance, and approvals within one hour.

And if you want, you can combine the two approaches Figaf with your pipelines since all your integration is replicated into a git repository.

If you want to learn more about how Figaf utilizes DevOps for managing SAP Cloud Integration, you can watch our on-demand webinar on the topic or you can learn more about the Figaf DevOps Suite and its capabilities.

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