Figaf Friday: 2022 SAP PI Week Recap

As you know SAP PI/PO still is the major platform for handling business crucial integrations in the SAP world. A lot has been running for 10 years without problems and can run much longer without much need for a change. The biggest challenge has been to enable a new HTTPS TLS 1.2 or probably upgrading to SAP PO 7.5.

If you have more than 500 ICOs and expect to be using SAP PI/PO for more than 2 years, there is good reason to start look at you processes to see if they can be improved. There are huge process improvements. For one of our big clients was able to rename a huge amount.

Banner image for 2022 SAP PI Week

We decided to designate a week towards the topic of SAP Process Integration and everything surrounding it and it was 2022 International SAP PI Operations Week. During the week, we covered different aspects of SAP Process Integration including transporting, testing, monitoring and a webinar about utilizing DevOps to manage your SAP PI system.

Go through the videos that were released during the week below:

Monday – PI Testing

Tuesday – PI Transports

Wednesday – S/4 Projects & PI to PI Migrations

Thursday – PI Monitoring

SAP PI DevOps Webinar

Webinar Slide Deck

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