Figaf Friday: A Business Case for Figaf

One of the main obstacles to utilizing the great tools by Figaf is proving the financial benefit to the organization. We understand the need ensure any procurement of technology creates value for that organization and not a waste of time, money and resources.

Because of that, we want to highlight the benefits of using Figaf Tools within your organization and share an actual business case. Moreover, we want to share the benefits of SAP Integration Automation and DevOps.

Benefits of SAP Integration Automation & DevOps

Automating your SAP Integration with the power of DevOps yields many benefits. With the automation of your SAP Integration, your integration will be delivered faster and better with automated transport, documentation and testing tools. Also, with automation of your SAP Integration, you will reduce complexity while getting a better control of your whole process. This will improve the quality of your integration.

Speaking of increasing the quality of your integration, better test cases created with Figaf, you will get a better idea of your system. Also, automation reduces significant sources of bugs and makes bug fixing and support trouble-free.

Benefits of working with Figaf

Save Time

Avoid down-time due to the interruption of business processes. Moreover, minimize errors and improving support with Figaf. Also, save time in your development with Figaf eliminating manual document work which will yield to more time for better development work.

Save Money

With the time saved with automation at different steps in your integration, you will naturally save money. Save an average of 8 Hours(!) per transport due to improved efficiency and thus saved money in development time. Additionally, more time available to your developers equal more time for quality integrations.

SAP PI DevOps Business Case: Olympus Europe


Olympus Europe was looking for a better management of their transport. Also, they were looking for a way to save to their SAP CPI tenant.


  • Increased speed and time saving on the day of transport
  • Less manual rework on the go-live day
  • Preparation of the configuration of IFlows before the transport in Figaf helped smooth out the release

Figaf DevOps Tool covers the needs for the entire development process and is the only software that allows you to automate the delivery of your SAP Integration. Developers can now focus on what they are best at: Development.

Mark Lehmann, Senior EAI Consultant, Olympus Europe

Webinar: Building a Business Case for Figaf

We hosted a webinar presenting the business case for Figaf and offering different cases where different organizations utilized the Figaf DevOps Suite. Moreover, we will present tools you can use to build a case for working with us towards your organization.

This webinar is great for integration developers and experts who like our tools but need assistance with building a business case for their managers. Moreover, this webinar is great for those same integration developers’ managers who want to see why they should work with Figaf and our software.

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