Figaf Friday: How to estimate your SAP PI to CPI migration with our migration estimator

Don’t know what’s entailed with your upcoming migration to SAP Cloud Integration (CPI) from SAP Process Integration/Process Orchestration (PI/PO)? One step to being ready for your migration project is to have a solid estimation of the time and money needed to for migration. Figaf is here to help you with that with our free SAP PI to CPI Migration Estimator where you can estimate your SAP PI to CPI migration.

Know your migration

Preparation is key in your migration to SAP Cloud Integration. Yet, the preparation itself can be a daunting task. This is an important step in knowing your migration project. One way of understanding your migration is having an estimation of the project costs.

SAP PI to CPI Migration Estimator

Estimate your SAP PI to CPI Migration with our migration estimator

Figaf is offering a SAP PI to CPI Migration Estimator to estimate your upcoming migration project. Get an idea of how much you would need to run your migration with (or without) the Figaf Migration Tool.

There are many factors that influence the time estimated for your migration project like:

  • How many integrations will you migrate?
  • How complicated is your integration?
  • How many redesigns?

The easiest way to see how many integrations you need to migrate is to look at the the number of ICOs in the Production Directory or the report. This is a great start. However, to get an idea about the project’s scope, we need to make a few assumptions to do the math.

Remember, this is just an estimation. Moreover, it’s only one resource (albeit a good resource) but you will need other tools to ensure a quality migration. However, try out the migration estimator and see how much in time and money your migration will cost.

Figaf can help with your upcoming migration project

Of course the migration itself can be a complex endeavor depending on your own individual case. Moreover, the migration estimator will help de-mystify what you will need to successfully migrate your sap integrations. However, that’s only one small part of a successful migration project. There is still the rest of the preparing of the your migration. Additionally there is the planning of the migration before the actual execution of the full migration itself.

Figaf has created a plethora of resources to assist you with your upcoming migration from SAP PI/PO to SAP Cloud Integration. With the Migration Estimator, we have other tools you can use to simplify and automate your migration.

Figaf Migration Guide

We created a migration guide to advise you with the planning, preparation and execution of your SAP Migration project. This guide offers a general overview on what’s needed for a successful migration.

Migration Help Center

The Figaf Migration Guide and the SAP PI to CPI Migration Estimator are only two free resources available as part of the greater Migration Help Center offered by Figaf. Also, in combination with the previously mentioned resources, you also will have a migration checklist and step-by-step migration manual. All of these resources are free and readily available to you here.

Figaf Migration Assessment Tool

Use our assessment tool to get an overview of your SAP PI/PO system before you start planning your migration. The reporting capabilities were updated with the 2207 Release and with Figaf you will get information about what kind of setup you have in your landscape. If you have SAP PI 7.1-7.5 and planning for your migration and want to get a great overview of your integration, then try out our Migration Assessment Tool. Learn more about it including how to get started here.

Figaf Migration Tool

The final step of your SAP Migration project is the actual migration and you will want a tool that will make this crucial step as easy as possible. Well, that’s possible with the Figaf Migration Tool which simplifies and automates important aspects of your migration including testing and monitoring. It’s easy to set up and use. You can quickly start a 30-day trial with our migration tool to see how it works. No credit card is required to start the trial. Also, you can watch our last webinar about automating your migration with Figaf below.

Book a meeting with us

Even with all of those available resources, we think the best thing you can do is book a meeting with us to discuss your SAP Migration project. Estimate your SAP PI to CPI migration and book a meeting with us to see if that makes sense. Moreover, see how you can save time and money with the use of the Figaf Migration Tool, which is part of the greater Figaf DevOps Suite.

Simplify your SAP Integration in under 10 minutes with Figaf DevOps Suite on Cloud.

No credit card is required. 30 days free trial.

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