Figaf Friday: How were my 2020 predictions?

In January 2020, I created a number of predictions on what would go on with SAP Integration landscape. It is always fun to predict something. But how did I do?

Prediction that everybody will migrate/upgrade to Process Integration 7.5 

There are still customers that have not upgraded to 7.5 and therefore they are on a unsupported version. Interesting though that people still want their ABAP stack for the few clients that have used the latest SAP PI.

Prediction on SAP Cloud Integration (CPI) 

I do see more and more integrations being created in it the platform even with the name being changed to remove the platform and now a being part of the Integration Suite. Also, as you know, SAP Cloud Foundry is the place where the new development has been released.

Even with the growing use of SAP Cloud Integration, there are still cases of integrations running better on PI/PO but those cases are diminishing with the new Trading partner Tool.

Prediction on PI to CPI migrations  

Migrations is not mainstream at the moment, it makes sense in some small cases as people are still slowing migrating from SAP PI/PO to CPI (See my prediction on the SAP Cloud Integration).

We did built a tool to handle the migration but we did not elevate the migration part of our DevOps Suite. Instead we built a new process because it needed to be run in a different way.

Prediction on automated delivery of SAP Integration 

We did get some clients for our DevOps for SAP PI/PO and a lot more on our Cloud Integration tooling.

Cloud Integration customers are trying to leverage Git and CI/CD but it can be a little of a challenge to set it up.

Prediction on Citizen Integration 

I have not seen much that can really empower the business user to create integrations in self-service.

There is the SAP Pre-delivered Content and API Business Hub that can give the business users a better understanding of what is going on.

Screenshot of SAP API Business Hub landing page
SAP API Business Hub

What did I Miss?

  • Events management S4 project. I do get more comments on it at the moment. SAP Event Mesh
  • Name change of the SAP Cloud Integration platform (I should predicted that since it seems to happen every 3 years or so)  

As you can tell, I didn’t get any of them correct but I did enjoy taking a stab at it. However, this year I am retiring from the “prediction business” and focus on being an Integration Expert and continue to make SAP Integrations easier, faster and more automated.

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