Figaf Friday: Join us in our partnership program

Usually we talk about how we can simplify SAP Integrations for companies large or small. We usually go through the different aspects where Figaf is different and better in regards to testing, documentation, governance and monitoring. Moreover, how we have innovated in the area of integration automation software. However, we know a lot of firms use SAP Consultants to maintain their integrations on their behalf.

Because of that, we want to reach out to consultants and offer them high-quality tools for their toolbox when they manage sap integrations (and/or migrations) on their clients’ behalf.

Thus, we are announcing the Figaf Partnership Program.

This partnership program is a dedicated activity to where we partner up with interested consultant firms and offer them opportunities of support and collaboration while assisting them with their SAP PI/PO, SAP CPI and API management with our award-winning software.

Figaf Partnership Program for SAP Consultants

We know a lot SAP Integrations are not managed in-house. Usually SAP Integrations are outsourced to consultant firms to handle those integrations (Fun fact: There are over 24,000 SAP Consultants in the United States alone). We know consultants usually handle more than one client and therefore are looking for tools that can help any SAP Project. Moreover, they will be looking for tools that are save them time and money for themselves and for their clients.

The Figaf Partnership Program will be a way for us to reach out to these firms with tools to help them be better developers.

Benefits of Figaf Partnership Program

Other than using Figaf’s SAP Integration/Migration Automation Software at a partnership price, you get the following as well:

  • Dedicated onboarding/training sessions on current and future Figaf products
  • Receive same communications on all releases like our customers
  • Collaborate on Figaf software development form shared client experience
  • Co-host webinars with potential clients


Let us help you perform better developments and management better integrations. Also, we’re already meeting with different firms who started trying out software by Figaf like the Figaf DevOps Suite. If you are from Consultancy and want to discuss your SAP Project, you can do the following.

Book a meeting with us

Book a short meeting to start the conversation with us. See how we can be of assistance to you and your current SAP projects. Click on the button below to quickly schedule a meeting with us.

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