Figaf Friday: Perform your own regression test in SAP Cloud Integration Tenants

On the last update screen I saw something interesting. It was possible to delay the update of one of your SAP Cloud Integration tenants with one week. It was such an interesting development that I discussed about it on a post in LinkedIn.

Previous SAP had an option where you could get SAP to create a set of unit tests and put them on their next build. This would enable SAP to ensure that your IFlows would still work after the period.

I’m not sure of the price of this and it was a consulting solution, so there was some manual work involved from SAPs side in creating the test cases. You can read more about it here.

With this new option it becomes much easier to make test cases yourself and validate your systems work after each upgrade. You will have to have a good process in place to perform the regression test because it needs to be performed within a week. The bigger issue is if you find any problems if they can be fixed or the update can be postponed.

Figaf and testing

At Figaf one of our core components is our testing tool. It enables the user to create test cases with ease. You simply start recording of test cases and then you will be able to run the tests at will. It will even be able to mock some services that you would normally call externally. This makes it much easier for you to test all possible scenarios.

I cannot see where this is possible to configure on my systems but either it needs to be rolled out later. Or it is only for certain systems or licenses.

My recommendations would be to set Test and Production to be delayed. Then I could run my regression test on Development that will be updated. If there is any problems with my regression tests then I’ll be able to perform the same test on the test system which will still have the old release. If there is any problem you can open the OSS or start finding a way to resolve the problem your self.

I hope you find this as interesting as me and want to set up your own test cases. I hope you want to check out how you can create and run test cases.

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