Figaf Friday: Plans for Figaf in Autumn/Winter 2022

As we reach the end of the Summer and turn towards the last half of the year, we are quickly planning our activities for the next few months. We are excited about what we will do and want to share what we have in mind. Figaf in Autumn/Winter 2022 will be with new webinars, software features, and videos offering many ways to see how Figaf is continuing to simplify your SAP Integrations.

Below is a quick overview of what we have planned for the rest of the year.

Possible new features & functionalities

For the next few months, we have a lot of things planned for our tooling.

One of the areas that we see a lot in SAP PI to CPI migrations. It will be a key part of the project to move customers from SAP PI to Cloud Integration for SAP, where 10.000 customers will be migrating over the next 5-8 years. Our tool does give a lot of improvement to the current process, but there are areas where we can improve the result to make it easier for customers to deliver the integration. We will improve the test process to ensure you can test your integration much faster.

SAP Neo to SAP Cloud Foundry

Neo to Cloud Foundry migrations is also a hot topic where we will be able to improve the tool to simplify the process of migrating to the new platform. We do hear from customers that SAP is pushing them to move towards Cloud Foundry. Moreover, we can help you save money on the number of tenants you have in your landscape with our Virtual Tenants concept. Lastly, we want to improve how we are helping with the migration project and give you a better understanding of how the project is going.

One thing I really would like to do is to enable the Figaf tool to take your iflow and create a version of it with error handling and logging embedded. So you just create the normal version of what the iflow would look like, and then Figaf would alter the iflow and make sure messages are persisted if needed and let you worry about other things in the project. We have been generating iflows, and it would be possible to increase the processing even more, but it may be difficult to get this feature to work.

We also have some tasks about embedding Figaf better into the change process, whether you are using Azure DevOps, Jira, Service Now, or CTS+. There are a lot of hours wasted on those processes. These are just the things that can help us with our tool.

Future webinars

August Webinar

The next webinar we have planned is this month (August 2022) where we will discuss migrations from SAP Process Integration to SAP Cloud Integration (CPI). We will share new features by Figaf including the migration report feature and share insight and resources that will make your upcoming migration easier.

The webinar on SAP PI to SAP CPI Migration will be on Tuesday August 26 2022 10:00 CEST and you can sign up here.

Other webinars we have in mind:

  • Best business practices for SAP CPI Development
  • How to build a business case for Figaf
  • Use cases of Figaf (both SAP Integrations and SAP Migrations)
  • DevOps with SAP Cloud Integration
  • Partnership Program with Figaf

New missions on SAP Discovery Center

Last year, we released our first “mission” on the SAP Discovery Center (You can read about it here) where you could use the Figaf Migration Tool. We have had a lot of people go try out the mission, and because of the success of that first mission and the potential of the SAP Discovery Center, we decided to create new missions surrounding the Figaf DevOps Suite.

We plan to create individual missions for utilizing DevOps for either your SAP Cloud Integration System or your SAP Process Integration System. When we are finished, we will have missions available covering every aspect of your integration and/or migration.

Stay tuned with us as we will release information in regards to our activity at Figaf in Autumn/Winter 2022.

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