Figaf Friday: Why does it help the community to automate SAP PI to CPI migrations?

Why does it help the community to automate SAP PI to CPI migrations? If you were to change the integration platform, the best would be to implement the solution to leverage the new platform.

For that to happen, that will require you have:

  • To really want to implement the functionality again
  • A good team that can leverage the new platform
  • the business resources to help with the new integration

Support for SAP PI/PO is set to end by 2030

SAP Process Integration/Process Orchestration is a hugely successful product by SAP with over 12,000 clients. However, the support the platform will end in 8 years per announcement by SAP themselves.

There is a change for the support is exted but it rely on external partners that need to support it.

With the end-of-life dates for SAP PI/PO being established creates an urgency to move to the SAP Cloud Integration (SAP Integration Suite). Have you started sizing up the cost of your migration? If not, we have created an estimator of the migration project costs. Check it out to see how much it will cost you at this point in money and time to migrate to the Cloud Integration.

Example of the cost of a Migration

This is based on an average size customer with 200 ICOs that needs to be migrated.

A migration will take roughly 500 days. That is about 2.5 person years. If there are 12,000 migrations in 8 years then that brings an average of 1,500 migrations per year.

That means that there should be 1,500 hours per 2.5 years which equals a 3,750 person year just for migration.

I don’t know how many that works with SAP Integration but I would guess in the range of 20,000 people.

If there is a extra requirement of 20% will stress the existing developers. Moreover, add new projects and more integrations to the mix then the migration is going to propose a big challenge to the community of SAP Integration developers. And then add some the bulk of migration will be handled in 2025-27 once some efforts will be made. Then it could even require 50% of the developers.

Screenshot of the Figaf Migration Estimator
Screenshot of the excel document for the migration estimator

How to automate the migration process

In the Figaf Migration Tool, we have created a number of ways to automate the migration. You can read more about what the tool does here.

If it can save 50% on the migration, then it will save 2000 person years and reduce the migration effort to only 10%. And sure there will be place where it is better to redesign the process because of a number of factors.

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