Figaf is on the SAP Discovery Center with our migration tool

We have posted our first “mission” on the SAP Discovery Center, the cloud-based platform created by SAP as a self-service tool to help businesses quickly adapt to digital innovation.

What’s the SAP Discovery Center?

The SAP Discovery Center is a cloud-based platform that will allow you to quickly launch projects and accelerate innovation within your company. Moreover, the use cases and guidance from coaching will inspire you from project initiation to project implementation with structured “missions”.

A screenshot of the first mission on SAP Discovery Center by Figaf
Screenshot of our first “mission” on the SAP Discovery Center

It’s now easier than ever to get started with our PI to CPI migration tool

With our mission layout (see image below) offering a step-by-step process from installing and testing the migration tool to implementation and go-live, it’s now even easier to get started with our award-winning migration tool. As part of the mission, there is an improved “getting started” video showing how it only takes 17 minutes to do your first migration. On top of that, full coaching is available after every major step, milestone or deliverable to ensure a smooth experience with the Figaf Migration Tool.

Screenshot of the step-by-step process of going through our first mission on the SAP Discovery Center.

The title of our mission is: Automate the Migration from SAP Process Integration to SAP Cloud Integration with the Figaf Migration Tool. You can get started on the mission here.

In early 2022, we hope to release at least one more mission on the Discovery Center surrounding our Figaf DevOps Suite.

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