Figaf needs to be a part of your SAP PI/PO to Integration Suite migration

It is free to get started to help you with the basis of your project.

1) This is about managing the project to give you a way to understand what has been migrated.

2) Then it provides a good overview of your existing integration. So you know what to migrate.

3) Then it has a testing capability that allows you to easily take messages for your current SAP PI/PO system and send them on your new iFlows and see how well the messages perform.

This will save you a lot of work and coordination. The IT department will also give developers a faster response to the market.

This is our migration edition. Sign up for the Figaf Migration Edition here.

Figaf can also reduce the time for your migration and there are two major improvements to your process.

1) Migration of ICOs.

This allows you to take a ICO and migrate it to an IFlow

Compared to SAP, we do have many features that reduces the time effort.

Like iFlows are generated based on the configuration not based on fixed templates, so it is possible to migrate ICOs with multiply receivers and interfaces in one go.

Messages mappings support function Libraries, RFC lookup, parameters and more. All of the migrated artifacts is stored so you can reuse them next time you need that mapping for script.

2) DevOps Transport

This will allow you to move your migrated content much faster to production with good documentation and reduce the effort for the migration. You can automate external configurations, approvals and documentation. Something you will be spending a lot of time on for a migration project.

And then there is other features like a Git Repository with all your iFlows in, monitoring and creation of new test cases.

Full flow of how Figaf supports the migration process

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