FIGAF Wins SAP’s Hack2Build to Build the First-Ever SAP PI to CPI Migration Automation Tool

We are happy to announce a major achievement in our quest to become an industry-leader in SAP integration automation. Figaf won the “SAP Hack2Build-Beyond a Hackathon”–a two-week competition sponsored by SAP to automate SAP PI to CPI migration process. 

The culmination of our experience in SAP Integration Automation and the edge of our FIGAF SAP Automation platform made winning this prestigious award possible. With this background we built the first one-click SAP PI to CPI migration product. Thanks for SAP for the commitment to support us with the Go-To-Market activities to help clients speed up this process and increase the quality of the migrations by automation.

SAP PI to CPI migrations can be very time consuming

SAP PI is a hugely successful platform with more than 10,000 customers who need to migrate to CPI – before the extended Support Runs out for SAP PI/PO in 2030.

This is challenging considering that each customer has an average of 200 ICOs. 50% of the integrations on the platform usually occur on a one-to-one migration. Each of these can take 4 hours to complete, including testing and transport. 

But not all the integrations will take place on a one-to-one basis. Because the new platform will have to be redesigned, content reused or is not relevant anymore. This will end up taking up eight hours instead of four hours.
On average this makes at least 6 hours per ICO which results in a workload of 1200 hours. If you assume one person working 1600 hours per year then 1200 hours means one employee working nine-month full time on it.

However, if you use automation then the workload will be reduced to approximately one-third which makes three month instead of 9 month in full-time work equivalent.
Automation can help you to not only achieve frequent and faster releases but also high-quality delivery that ensures you remain competitive. That is why you should consider automating SAP PI to CPI migration. 

How Can FIGAF Tools Help with SAP PI to CPI Migration?

We have built a future-proof SAP PI to CPI Migration prototype on top of our existing Figaf Tool, which already has the capabilities for managing and testing SAP PI and SAP CPI. The tool provides access to all the SAP PI objects that SAP integration developers can use in the migration.
The created prototype can generate SAP CPI iFlows with the following elements from an SAP PI/PO ICO

  • Multiply Receivers and conditions
  • Multiply Interfaces and conditions
  • Support for Message Mappings with External Definitions
  • Support for Function Libraries (with some limits) 
  • Support for Channel conversion with templates and external properties

When used in the integration process, SAP PI to CPI Migration prototype helps to streamline  different landscape types where you have many similar integrations. This makes business sense in EDI scenarios where you can migrate all your similarity mappings in the same way. And even if you have Seeburger message mappings, you do not need to worry because SAP PI to CPI Migration prototype can also handle it.

After completing the migration of the artifacts, the Figaf Tool goes ahead to simplify testing and transport changes  to production.  Figaf Tool can also help in the cases where you want to redesign your SAP Integration. 

-> You can sign up for the beta program here

Figaf Migration Tool Story

At the beginning of 2020, I started to research whether it is possible to develop a SAP PI to CPI migration tool.  I kicked off the research by developing ideas on how to convert channels to CPI channels. This approach did not speed up the process.   I left the project untouched because it seemed complex even if the client demands were unknown.

However, this changed when we received  SAP’s invite to the “SAP Hack2Build-Beyond a Hackathon” competition. Armed with past experiences and the mistakes I learned in my earlier encounter with SAP PI to CPI migration automation, I set out to challenge myself for the second time.  I shared my prototype ideas with SAP and what we needed to achieve. Having known  both platforms and the APIs related to it,  we quickly did some experiments to validate the prototype idea by modifying CPI iFlows. Fortunately, we succeeded in the process so it was a good place to start. Within the two  weeks we implemented  a prototype that generates CPI iFlows from the ground with routings and conditions. 

What’s Next?

We have made great progress towards implementing a future-proof SAP PI to CPI migration tool. We already have  a working prototype of a product that makes it easier to migrate CPI iFlows and can save you plenty of time with SAP PI to CPI migration. 

Having validated the tool in  our lab using test data, the next phase is conducting further tests to ensure the product works well and finalizing it.   Within the next 4 to 6 weeks we will be releasing a beta version of the product and validate the creation of iFlows in diverse real-world landscapes.

If you like to be an early bird and profit from our perks and support that are coming with the beta program then feel free to apply here

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