First Look: SAP’s PI/PO to Integration Suite move

I have really been looking forward to seeing more about what SAP’s upcoming tool to handle SAP PI/PO to Integration Suite migrations. Building such a tool can be a real challenge, we have been there. So it is nice to see SAP trying to achieve the same.

I saw a demo a few weeks back in the beta program, but now there is a public video with demo of the tool.

Remember, the tool is still in beta and will surely improve over the next months. General availability should be January 2023 on integration suite.

Below is my reaction to the system as of now.

What you will get in the SAP Migration Tool?

  • SAP PI/PO Assessment. This will read data from your SAP PI/PO system and try to come with an estimation of the effort of handling the migration. I cannot see any details about how they perform the estimations of the different integrations and the details they are using. One question: Do they look at used Function Libs or just at Operation Mapping?
  • The assessment will give you some suggestions for templates to use. In the demo, there are about 20 templates that you can choose from when performing the migration. I’m looking forward to seeing more about what these templates are and what they can be used for. It should be possible to contribute with your own.
  • In Cloud Integration you will get a new option to select “Migrate Integration”. Here you select a PI system, then the ICO and then select the pattern you want to use. After that, then the tool created the iFlow for you.

Below is SAP’s full demo video.

What’s missing?

In my opinion, this is missing:

  • Overview of your migration. You will have to keep tabs of this yourself or you can use our free Migration Edition of the Figaf DevOps Suite. Here you can easily map ICOs to IFlows and understand when they are in productiFon
  • When will Function Libs be included in the release I think this is a big part of the migration
  • How will it handle ICOs where you have multiple interfaces?
  • Support for other than 7.5
  • The SAP Migration Tool is deployed on Integration Suite. I can see the Migration Assessment only will be there since it is a separate application. From my perspective, it can be possible to use the migration in Neo. But I don’t think this will be a priority reason to get customers to migrate to Integration Suite.
  • Integration Cell will be interesting in the context. It is about to go in to beta also. You will still need to migrate to the Integration Suite, then you can deploy to the Integration Cell in some way.
  • The tool only cover PI/PO content, so you will still need to understand and plan how you will setup IDOCs, File servers and more.

What are my recommendations?

My Recommendation:

If you are planning a migration in the beginning of 2023, I would recommend that you

  • Make an assessment of your SAP PI/PO landscape (see) with the Figaf Assessment tool to you can get an understanding of what can be migrated.
  • Check our migration tool to understand what it can do and if it will help you.
  • Check how our testing tool will work, we do offer it for free in the Figaf Migration Edition.
  • I would also spend my time planning and ask myself: How you will govern your new landscape? I think it is an important part of the process and you don’t want to move 100s of interfaces and then need to rename them all. Since you will have Figaf installed anyway, it is pretty simple to try it and can make transport pretty easy.

Moreover, then I’m looking forward to trying the tool once it is released and see the updated roadmap. Then we will update the view of the tool.

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