Free Figaf Migration Edition to help with your migration to Integration Suite

We see a lot of requests for help to automate SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite/Cloud Integration.

One of our goals at Figaf is to make it easy for you to manage your integration and allow you to focus on creating integrations that help your company.

One of the places we believe we can add a lot of value is to the SAP PI/PO to Cloud Integration migrations by making it easier to test your migration.

What is the migration edition of the FIgaf Tool?

We wanted to make a version of the Figaf DevOps Suite that would allow you to get started with your migration and help test the migrated content really easily.

The tool has 3 parts that help you with the migration:

  • Assessment Tool of the migration (see the blog  )
  • Overview of your migration with the tool, you can see what you have migrated and what is moved into production.
  • Testing migrations by taking SAP PI/PO messages and converting them to Cloud Integration iFlow messages and testing them there.

You will need to run the Migration Edition on your infrastructure or, better yet, in your SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Account. You can probably be using the tool within 1-2 hours either on your local PC or on BTP.

The Migration Edition also contains a trial of the Full Figaf DevOps Suite to explore the suite of features.  Since you will have everything configured, it is just to get started.

See the following short demostration.

Getting started

The easiest approach for getting the Figaf DevOps Suite Migration Edition is to go to and signup there. Then you will get a license and you can get started today.

Once you sign up, you will get a license key you can use that to activate your license.

The tool can be set up and configured in only a few hours or less if you know what you want to archive.

If you are not ready for the migration, you can sign up for the 30-day trial. This will give you time to evaluate the tool on your laptop and perform the assessment.

The license will start when you activate the license the first time. So you can sign up now. Then, you will have a 2-month trial of the Figaf DevOps Tool and 12 months of migration testing.

What is not included?

The Figaf DevOps Suite Migration Edition contains a trial of our features for two months with some limitations.

After two months, you can upgrade your version of the Figaf DevOps Suite, where you will get the full version of our software without limitation, including these benefits:

  • Transport tool to help you manage the transport safely. Here you can use our virtual tenant concept so you can transport correctly but use Dev tenant also for QA.
  • Our award-winning PI to Cloud Integration migration tool converts an ICO or Classical Receiver Determination to an iFlow
  • Testing of iFlow
  • Our monitoring and alerting offering
  • Synchronize all your integration to Git repositories to make development easier
  • Support

You can use the tool without paying for our services.

We hope you see how the Figaf DevOps Suite works and how much it can save you time and resources, making it a really good business case to upgrade to the paid version of the Figaf DevOps Suite to help you with the migration.

Want to know more

We are hosting two webinars on the 23 November, where we will cover the Migration Edition and the our other offerings for your migration projects.

See the webinars here.

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