Key Insights from SAP Sapphire 2023 on SAP Integration

SAP Sapphire 2023, a significant event in the world of enterprise technology, unfolded with a blend of onsite and virtual experiences.

As a virtual attendee, I had the opportunity to delve into the keynotes, which although insightful, made me yearn for the breadth of content available to the onsite participants. The main themes that surfaced during the event were integration, artificial intelligence (AI), and sustainability.

Integration: A Constant in SAP’s Evolution

For me this was the most interesting but not a lot a lot of new information or details. The SAP Integration Product management has been presenting progress over the year.

Integration remains a major point of focus for SAP, with a strong emphasis on transitioning from Process Integration (PI) to the SAP Integration Suite. This advanced platform enables real-time, scalable business processes and promotes enterprise agility. We are happy to be a part of this journey for customers.

Interestingly, there were not many name changes this year, except the API Hub, which has been aptly renamed the SAP Business Technology Platform Accelerator Hub. This change reflects the platform’s expanded scope beyond APIs to include a wealth of integration-related content. It is a name change that make sense.

An intriguing new service, the Edge Integration Cell, was also introduced. This service aims to make life easier for customers by allowing them to manage their own integrations. However, its true potential will only be realized once customers start actively using it.

Customers journeys

There was a lot of customer journeys to show what different customers had one performed different implementations of some applications, to show adoption in different areas. There have been a lot of good stories about what as been possible.

It is the inspirational part of rethinking business processes that have been redesigned.

Artificial Intelligence Partnerships

Artificial intelligence was undoubtedly the most prominent topic at SAP Sapphire 2023. SAP announced multiple partnerships with leading AI providers, including Microsoft, Google, and IBM Watson. These collaborations aim to enhance SAP’s offerings and provide superior value to its customers.

Not sure what is happening with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in this field.

I do think that AI would be one of the Big uses cases of having a S/4 HANA based ERP system. It will give you a much better way of giving access to ML for all the data in the ERP system in a controlled way. Probably nobody could grasp what it would perform now but it will give a lot of opportunities to create new business models.

Sustainability: The Way Forward

Sustainability is another critical area of focus. SAP, with its comprehensive view of the supply chain through networks like Ariba, can enable customers to expose the CO2 usage of different scenarios, facilitating more sustainable business practices. While implementing sustainability tracking will likely be complex, it is a crucial step towards a more environmentally conscious business world.

SAP Datasphere

There was some interesting demos of using the rebranded Datasphere to manage the larger data streams. I do think it has some interesting ways to handle large loads without having to move data around for analytics flows.


SAP Sapphire 2023 once again offered a wealth of insights into SAP’s direction and the future of enterprise technology. The focus on integration, AI, and sustainability underscores SAP’s commitment to driving innovation and promoting responsible business practices. While the event is aimed more at business leaders looking to understand where to steer their organizations, it also highlights specific technological changes that will shape the future of enterprise technology.

For more detailed insights, you can check out the SAP Sapphire 2023 News Guide  where you can see everything that matters.

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