Migration of test cases from SAP PI/PO to SAP CPI

SAP CPI is becoming the goto tool for SAP Integration. There is a lot of customers asking for how and when should we migrate to SAP CPI. There can be a large cust saving if you are able to move from PI to CPI because it is much easier to run the platform. For some scenarios is makes sense to migrate them now to SAP CPI especially if it involved cloud or technical aspects.

We have been creating test cases on both platforms and want to give users a good way they can continue to test with both platforms. If a customer wants to migrate from PI to CPI it is necessary to be able to test that everything works as expected. 

It is two different platforms they can perform the conversion. So you need to perform a lot of tests with the migrated content especially if it is the complex business logic you have. The more tests you are able to perform cost-efficient the better and the easier the migration will go.

With the Figaf tool, it is really simple to create test cases. It just takes 2 minutes to set up a new recording and then start processing the tests. So you can get data from your productive system and use them for testing that the new setup works in all cases. 

Then you can setup which part of the steps you want to ignore and you can start the testing process, to find the places where the mappings are different. 

You can see a demonstration of the process here. 

The solution does support Asynchronous as in the overview and synchronous communication.

Will we need to improve the process. Yes. There will probably be some more improvements we need to make to test the migrations. Just submit your bug reports and we will have a look. 

SAP PI/PO to CPI migration

The next logical step is to find a way to migrate from SAP PI/PO to CPI. We have a lot of ideas on how this can be implemented. There is a number of things that are different that need to be taken into account and how it should work. It seems pretty simple to implement an HTTP to IDOC, with a message mapping. But suddenly there comes routing, splitting and more into the process and it becomes much more difficult. Some can be handles whereas others will require some manual effort.

If you want to work with us on the solution please contact us and we will work with your team to automate the migration process. 

Try the Figaf tool

The test cases migration is a part of the Figaf Testing tool or the Figaf DevOps tool that contains the full suite for managing SAP PI/CPI. You can signup at the “Signup for DevOps Tool”.

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