Pre-Migration Checklist

To create a successful SAP Process Integration (PI) to Cloud Integration (CPI) migration you need to have the foundation in place. A lot can be done before you really start the project.

Before you start any migration you need to understand the number of integrations you are migrating and where you want them to go. Moreover, you need to understand what is needed internally and externally to ensure a quality migration from SAP PI/PO to the SAP Cloud Integration.

Take a look at our “Pre-Migration Checklist” to see if you are ready.

Create a “Long-term Architecture Roadmap” of what your integration should looking in the 3-5 years

  • Run ISA-M to understand where your integration should move
  • Include your S/4 HANA transformation or other projects

Have you moved from SAP CPI on Neo consider to Cloud Foundry?

Do you know how many integrations you currently have?

Do you need a consultancy to handle the migration work?

  • Are your current team able to solve the migration?

  • Understand what accelerators they will use to deliver faster integration for you

  • Learn how many migrations the team has performed now

  • How will they assist you in the migration?

Create sample migrations to evaluate your process and how you want your future integration to be

Look for automation tools to speed up the migration (Hint: Check out Figaf)

Create a solid transport process which handles all your governance with automation

Understand how you will test your migrated integration

Understand how you can monitor your migrated solution

Create an estimate of the cost of the migration (Try our calculator)

Read our SAP PI to CPI Migration Guide (Download Guide)

Based on the checklist, are you ready for your migration? Also, if you are ready to make your SAP PI to CPI Migration easier and more automated, then check out our award-winning migration tool.