New Features: Comparison between objects

In May we have been occupied by building a tool to make SAP PI to CPI migrations possible. It has taken a lot of our development time to handle the process. We did still have time to develop some new features to make it easier to use SAP CPI that made it to our 2105 release. 

Comparison of objects between different systems

We have now added the option to compare any object in the landscape with other objects in the landscape. This makes it a lot easier for you to see what is different to see if there is any difference in the support process. 

You can see a demonstration here

Improve Testing support for SAP CPI

In Cloud Foundry you have the options to make Oauth2 Keys. Previously you needed to make sure the key had a Password as an attribute. Now we can add the Oauth2 URL to the Agent configuration to get OAuth tokens while testing. All you need to do is to add the Oauth2 URL to the agent. 

 Added support of iFlows with CSRF protection during the testing. The tool automatically figures out that it needs to find the HTTP channel that has CSRF on and will handle the lookup. All so you can run your tests much easier. 

CPI iFlow Monitor

We have added a number of improvements for the CPI Iflow monitor to make it easier for you to monitor your iFlows and let 

You can now copy blogs of Iflows so it is easier to make different date filters. 

Once you have opened a title and are watching multiply iflows the filters are now collapsed. This makes it easier to view your full business process and you can also improve the searching afterward. 

In the new filter, it is also easier to search if you have a huge amount of iflows in the list.

Try it yourself

The able features are just small but important improvements to the Figaf functionality to make it easier to manage your SAP Integration. 

It takes 30 minutes to get started with the tool for guides see our 30-minute guides to getting started on the page. 

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