New Gartner report on SAP Process Integration

Last year Gartner did not believe that SAP Process Integration, was a product to use. There was not enough use case and focus on PI as an Enterprise Service Bus. There was a lot of talk from SAP stating that the conclusion of from Gartner was wrong. There was no way to change the rapport.

Now according to there is good news from Gartner. They do like the new 7.3 version of SAP PI and that their concerns has been minimize.

One of the big differences it the total cost of ownership is much smaller because of the easier architecture, as a part of the Java stack only (Singlestack) and other improvements.

The other things are that SAP has a roadmap for where PI will develop in the coming years.

It is nice to be focusing on a product, which is seen as a product with a future. It will make it much easier for organizations to continue to invest time and money into SAP PI.

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