New Groovy Editor integrated in Figaf

How do we make SAP Integration Developers more effective at creating new integrations to resolve some challenges?

Most Cloud Integration developers have used Groovyide to run the Groovy script. It is much easier to edit and run code than inside Cloud Integration. But it still has some challenges.

  • Giving access to your code and test data
  • Manual copy past option between the code between systems.

We do have our Pro code option, where we are providing a git repository with Gradle templates and mocking services that allows you to run your groovy code and debug it. I do think this is for the most hardcore developers. It can be a little intimidating and challenging to get it to work in organizations where things are locked down.

You can see a short video here

Short video of the new editor

Preview version

This is a preview to get some input on improving the processes. It is only for people with IRTAdmin who can use run and upload scripts.

You will need to enable usage on the development agent to run and upload content.

If you just have smaller scrips to edit and have test data for it we can make the process smarter. In the new release of Figaf we have added an editor that will allow you to

  • Select a script from an iflow and open the editor with it
  • Allow you to fill in input data
  • Run the code
  • Select test data you already created
  • Compare with the test result

How to run the code securely

We want to be able to run the code in a secure manner and not allow you access to the Figaf system. The best way was to use your Cloud Integration tenant to run the code in. This is some advantages.

  • Developers would anyway be able to run the code here themself.
  • It will run in the same runtime as Cloud Integration.
  • It is isolated in the same way as normal Iflows so if you perform heavy CPU or Memory intensive processing, it could bring down your system.
  • Same code as you would see when running the script in a real iflow.

What is next

I do see some ways this can and will be improved over the next few iterations.

  • Adding support for XSLT
  • Enabling the ability to run multiply tests at once
  • Running of Message Mappping UDFs
  • Ability to run with the jar of a iflow
  • Improve the security if there are any challenges with this appoach let us know.
  • Adding role for user
  • Security of for not editing virtual objects.

When you have tried it let us know how we can improve and want will speed up your process.

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