New Homepage for Figaf

I don’t think that creating a new homepage is anything essential and that you need to share it with your customers. Your homepage should just be there and always be updated. It is a large project to work on.

The always been updates has been a long way around. We started out using Figaf IRT for testing SAP PI. Then we broadend our product to support the full development process, so you can run DevOps for your SAP Integration products in a simple process.

We have worked to make it easier to support the 4 main use cases that the Figaf tools support.

  • DevOps the part about managing your full development process, including monitoring, ticket creation, tracking of changes, testing, transport and documentation. This is the full product solution.
  • Testing is where we started product development. This is about making it really easy to create test cases by fetching the data from your production system. This is really useful if you are planning an upgrade to your SAP PI systems.
  • Alerting or Support is about making it easy to handle rule-based alerting, so the organization can learn about what is going on and react on alerts faster
  • Migration where the tools help migrate your old SAP PI to SAP PO and managed the process. It is one tool to manage the migration including test and configuration in the landscape;
  • Seeburger Migration,Seeburger mi Message Mappings to B2B Add-on

With this new focus on the products or problems, we will hopefully be able to manage and communicate what the Figaf tools are where it works. It is in all cases just the same system but configured with different options. My hope is you will try one of the solutions and then see how the other ones can give you more value.

If we where a marketing driven company, we had probably been updating the websites much more to show what we have been able to do. Now it is easier with our current solution portfolio.

It has been a beast of a journey, figuring out what to write. Get it to look nice and modern. There is still room for future improvements and small things we need to improve.

I do hope you find the new site better. And more important find it easier to find our products.

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