Overview of your SAP PI to CPI migration

A lot of companies will be involved with an SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite/Cloud Integration/CPI migration over the next few years. It is something that will require many months of work. So it makes sense to spend some time on tools for the project.

From our current project, we learned that you will not be able to migrate everything with our automated tool and in some cases want to handle part of the migration manually for single scenarios.

Since we anyway have all the data about your integration into the system it would be possible to create an overview tool which you can manage the full migration from. It serves as many purses

  • Streamlines the work developers need to handle to perform the process from creating test data on the SAP PI system, to migration and checking if the system is live. Earlier you needed to jump between many places in the app, now navigation and operation are a lot easier.
  • Give an overview of how your migration is going, so you know what is going on with it. Which ICOs have already been migrated, do we have testing done, and are they in production?

You can see a demonstration of the first iteration of the overview here.

There are some ways we are looking to improve the cockpit to simplify the process.

  • Fetch information on messages processed on the PI system during a period
  • Create some warning about which artifacts can cause problems for the migration. See some of the potential problems here.
  • Create exports of the data to Excel to make it easier to look at the data

You can find the app in SAP App Center or you can signup for the free trial here. This feature will first be in our April release. Install the current version and then once the 2204 release is released just upgrade to it and you will have access to all the functions.

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