Patch  2401.2 Migration Report

The primary part was to fix some issues around the app. There was one case with the PWA that cached data wrongly and made it difficult to login.

In the Migration Assessment report we have now added a column for Imported Archives. The imported archives are important for

  • Java mappings
  • XSLT transformations
  • Message mappings that use the archives. We did run into some problems with regards to migration and therefore needed to figure out how many of the objects exist.
  • Function Libraries can use imported archives. This can be supported by migration.

We have also improved the performance from 90 seconds to 15 seconds and reduced the number of SQL calls from 66.000 to 44 for a client with around 8000 ICO/Receivers. This is a good improvement for larger systems and hopefully allows us to analyze bigger landscapes with less impact on performance of the database.

There were also minor bug fixes.

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