Pilot Project for your SAP PI/PO to Integration Suite Migration

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Embarking on a migration journey for your SAP PI/PO Integration Suite? A crucial step is initiating a pilot project. This isn’t just a test run; it’s a pivotal part of your migration strategy. This is something you should get started on as soon as possible to ensure you got enough coverage of your landscape and you have time before 2027.

Scope and Scale

The pilot project should be manageable yet representative of your landscape. Whether it’s 10 or 100 interfaces, the size depends on your specific environment. It’s not about migrating everything at once; it’s about choosing a scope that gives meaningful insights.

Learning Through Doing

The real value of a pilot project lies in its learnings. It’s an opportunity to see what migrates smoothly and what doesn’t. Each landscape has its unique challenges and limitations. The pilot project exposes these, allowing you to strategize effectively for the broader migration.

You should use your assessment report to understand what is in scope and what will need to be covered. This will give you a good understanding of the different scenarios you need to sample as a part of the process.

Use both Figaf and SAPs migration tool to understand what produces the best result for your migration. You will need to test something like

  • Message mappings with Function Libraries
  • Channels and adapters
  • Routing and flows
  • Java mappings
  • EDI messages if that is a part of your set
  • Adapter modules with special functions

Handling Limitations

Every landscape has restrictions. The pilot project helps you identify these early on. This could be technical limitations, resource constraints, or even compatibility issues. Once identified, you can develop strategies to navigate these challenges.

Depending on your setup you will identify numerous cases where you need to come up with a solution or wait for a roadmap item for it to be resolved. This will also lead into your architecture decision about what can be migrated and what should not. Not everything should be migrated as 1:1 but in some cases can be better if re-implemented.


Testing is an important part of the migration. You need to understand how you can test the migrated scenarios with as little effort as possible without impacting the quality. Figaf offers a good way to test the migration by taking messages from your SAP PI system and process them on your migrated iFlows. No matter if you use SAPs migration tool for Figaf.

Figaf testing does not cover everything so you will still need to figure out how the rest of the integration and flow should be managed. This is going to be a organizational task to figure out.

Time usage

Before you roll out the migration to your full or larger part of your landscape you should be understanding how time it takes to migrate 100 interfaces. This will give you a much better way to judge the coming migration.

And you will likely be able to improve the speed on some of the areas during this process as the team becomes better.

Continuous Improvement

The pilot project is also a feedback loop. Use the insights gained to tweak your migration approach. This iterative process ensures that when you scale up to the full migration, you’re equipped with best practices, refined processes, and a deeper understanding of your landscape.

You will explore other areas that will cause problems when you are performing the migration. In conclusion, a pilot project in your SAP PI/PO migration isn’t just a preliminary step; it’s a strategic tool. It helps you understand your landscape, test your processes, and prepare for a successful, full-scale migration.

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