Recap: SAP Cloud Integration (CPI) management with DevOps

In front of a large audience of over 150 people from three different continents, we hosted a webinar (25 January 2022) to show the capabilities of the DevOps methodology in managing your SAP Cloud Integration . Moreover, we showcased how the Figaf DevOps Suite can manage SAP Cloud Integrations.

What was covered?

We discussed how utilizing DevOps can help improve best practices for delivering better integrations. Also, we honestly mentioned the limitations of DevOps as a tool before going over Figaf’s take on the use of DevOps.

Next, We showed how you can handle Cloud Integrations with DevOps in the Figaf DevOps Suite. Lastly, we offered an implementation plan and business case for our audience to take to their respective companies.

Want to get started with the Figaf DevOps Suite for your next integration?

We showcased how the Figaf DevOps Suite helps leverage DevOps for SAP Cloud Integration management. Interested? Go here to sign up for a trial period with the Figaf DevOps Suite.

Finally, book a meeting if you want to discuss the webinar or getting started with the Figaf DevOps suite.

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