Release 2108.4: Better SAP PI to CPI migrations

We just released 2108.4 which is a release that focuses on improving SAP PI to CPI migration and fixing a few bugs we and clients have been reporting. 

SAP PI To CPI migrations

This is the area we have added most into improving the process to support our clients for the migration.

To read more about our SAP PI to CPI migration tool here.

SAP PI Message Mappings with Parameters

If an SAP PI Message Mapping has Mapping parameters they will be copied to the mapping and set as external properties. 

We only support String and Import for the process. Everything else will get a warning. 

If a mapping contains a String Parameter then the following will happen

  • The Parameter is added as External Property to the IFlow
  • Once they are migrated a Content Modifier is added where the values are added as properties with links to the external properties.
  • A Groovy UDF is added that can take a configuration a look it up
  • For a Constant with the property, the new UDF will be added to the mapping that then uses the function. 

See more about that migration here

Multiply Identical External Properties

Once you migrate an iflow that ends up with creating multiply External Properties with the same name but different values the tool will create individual properties for the scenarios that should have different values.

For Instance

The migration to two REST channels to HTTP defines two different HOST properties. We can only have one value defined so the tool will select one of these properties and set _2, _3 of it and use the value in the channels. 

Better support of Migrations

We wanted to improve the way the migration was working and to be able to support it much easier without requireing access to the client’s PC or remote sessions. We have improved the migration so it will collect all the details required for the migration in to a ZIP archive. If something fails in the migration you can send the archive to our support and it will be easier for us to make a fix for it. 

You can download the file from the new information. 


The licensing will first be requested after the check and building of the archive as been validated. That way you only need to license the iflows that will work with the migration. 

Bug fixes

  • Auth token cached when using Basic Authentication for Cloud Foundry CPI
  • Inform if a user is linked to Universal ID which currently is not supported
  • Bug fix of Text and Binary comparisons
  • Increase logout time of inactivity
  • Fixed bug for SAP CPI Mocking of external calls. 

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