Release 2108 Improved CPI Testing

Release 2108 Improved CPI Testing

We just released the new release of Figaf. The main part of this is to simplify the testing of SAP CPI and PI and then enable you to test with IDOCs also. 

Better error notification on testing

We have over the last few months got a lot more customers to try the SAP CPI testing part of the tool. It had been a little of a challenge to figure out what was going on and we often needed to assist and look at the logs.

We wanted to simplify the process so it became much easier for users to find what was going on and where the potential problem was. 

The most common errors we have seen

  1. Testing user or Key does not have credentials to send messages
  2. Iflow is not deployed
  3. The Iflow returns an error message because something unexpected happened in the process. Then you may want to see if the iflow was processed and if it matches with the test case
  4. New copied Iflow needs to be deployed and started before the test can be run
  5. If the iflow you are testing with is using ProcessDirect then you need to deploy an HTTP to ProcessDirect bridge

The new UI has been improved with the following. 

In the tab, Message Runs you can see which runs caused some problems

And then if you click the Error Details about what is going on. 

We will try to improve the error and resolution help as we get to some more errors.

This should make it much easier for you to test your integration and figure out what is wrong without needing access to the system longs. 

New IDOC Sender

We have added native testing of IDOC so we don’t need to create a new iflow to handle the test of it. So now we support the following sending channels

  • HTTP
  • SOAP
  • ProcessDirect via a proxy iflow
  • IDOC

If the iflow starts with something other than Figaf Tool will create a copy of the iflow and replace the sender or schedule step with HTTP so we can always test it. 

What next

We currently have two big priories that we are focusing on that will be a part of the next releases. 

  • SAP PI to CPI migrations we already release a good part in last month’s release. Based on our current feedback we have a few items in the backlog for next months
  • SAP PI transports will get a huge overhaul to make it possible to transport and configure ICOS and channels with much more precision and handle longer running processes. 

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