Release 2305.1 Small but important SAP PI to Integration Suite migration

In this patch, we have made many improvements to the PI to Cloud Integration migration process based on customer feedback. Some customers have been using prereleases to allow them to proceed with their migration. If you are working with our migration capabilities, I will recommend that you upgrade to this release since. Your migration will be much easier.

Message mappings and Function Libraries

If you are migrating, we have been improving several things

  • Bindings of variables and constants are now propagated to custom function libraries. The values are set as external parameters in the iFlow
  • Parameters in advanced Functions are resolved automatically
  • Support for String conversions with more $ inside a string.
  • Check if a Message mapping build in extra imports, then write a warning. It is close to impossible to identify the problem otherwise

Testing sync scearios

We have improved the different cases we support when processing sync scenarios, both recording and also migrate the test cases and them. We did have some cases that were pretty challenging to test otherwise.

Performance improvement

We have identified performance gaps with PI Imported archives when viewing ICOs with large imported archives or transporting them.

SAP PI Wildcard ICOS

If transporting a Wildcard ICO enables the user to select where the ICO should be deployed. This is a part of the DevOps for SAP PI/PO where we now have expanded the ability to configure channels in advance.

Support for the SAP AIR register, so all request to SAP is marked with our identifier. This is a part of our certification process.


For the next release 2306, we already have a lot of improvements to make your life easier as integration architects. The biggest is a lot of security improvements to allow us to parse security requirements at customers and SAP certification.

Then we have improvements to our monitoring suite where we now support CustomeStatus in all areas of the monitoring.

Recording of JSON payloads for Rest senders and receivers, which will make testing the migration easier.


If you are using our tool for migration, please upgrade to the latest release.

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