Release 2305: Improved API and SAP PI/PO Transport Management

In this release, we have two brand new features available improving API and SAP PI/PO transport management.

Also, there are a host of other improvements and bug fixes for PI to Cloud Integration migration and DevOps for PI/PO in this release as well.

SAP PI/PO editing of conditions

If you are using are using the Figaf DevOps Suite to handle your SAP PI/PO Directory transport you may run into a challenge where you need to reconfigure some conditions.

Now you have an option to configure conditions on xpath. This will make it possible for you to approve the changes also.

Then you have the option to configure the xpath with a ui5 editor

I think this will greatly improve the way you are configuring your ICOs when performing the transports and will save quite a bit of time on the configuration.

REST API and SOAP API converter

We did run into a customer that wanted to perform testing on the REST API. We found that it was possible to perform the testing of those scenarios but we would end up with a limit on being able to transport the API.

So we have updated for creating a REST API or SOAP API to iFlow converter.

As we understand the only reason is that you in the monitor can see how many REST/SOAP Apis that you have.

So on Change Tracking page you now have an option to select Transport.

Select one or more objects and they can be converted to iFlow. You can select if you want to create only or to delete the original ones.

Once you have transformed the objects to iFlow you can create test cases and use the transport functionality.

If the APIs for the objects is modified in the future then we will be able to add the full Figaf experience for handling such object. But for now the best is to convert them to iFlows.


Screenshot of SAP CPI Helper

We love CPIHelper as it is the tool you as a developer need. We have noticed some ways to improve the tool, like if want to synchronize an iFlow or create a test case for it and Figaf does not about it. Now it will be easier to create the cases without having to go and perform a full synchronization.


We are currently focusing on improving our internal build process and release process. We also have to parse a few clients security audits so we are focusing on the security improvements.

We are also getting numerous small improvements for PI to Cloud Integration, where we get to the edge cases and trying to resolve, so you don’t need to spend time on it.

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