Release 2307: New XSLT editor in Figaf

Bug fix

We encountered a problem if an iFlow used one of the new Function Libraries or Message Types with our synchronization. Now it is fixed. We will still need to support the new types. We have started the development and see that the Function Libraries can make it much easier for customers to migrate.
There were a lot of other improvements in the PI to Integration Suite migration part.

XSLT editor

I love working in XSLT when performing mappings. But it is challenging to get to run and test it. We have added an option to edit an XSLT and reuse your Unit test when performing the development.
It is the similar option we have for Groovy script we added in 2307.
We have also improved the functionality of the Groovy Editor to make your life easier.

The new XSLT editor to work faster with the mappings and be able to run and compare with expected result

When you run the XSLT you can run in two options. Local using the Figaf runtime or use SAP Cloud Integration Runtime (XSLT Executor IFlow). The last will take a few seconds extra to run since the iflow needs to be deployed and then trigged. But it makes it much easier to check XSLT with CI-specific Java Extensions.

You must check “Enable IDE to run and upload scripts” on the Agent to enable this.

Alerting Tool to check payloads

We have improved the support tool. If a iFlow fails, you can fetch the header of the message, and now we have also added the Custome Headers, in the last release, we had Custom Status.
If you have payloads (MPL) attachments you can use Xpath to extract some part of the payload and display it in a message to a user. This could be the line item number with an error or something else you can fetch via Xpath.

Pagination on Transport Overview

As users have started to use the tool, they have created many transports. We needed to add pagination to the pages to support customers with many tickets.

We have a lot of new development going on. On the migration, we can use the new Function Libraries in our migrations.

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