Release 2309.1: Improving SAP PI to Integration Suite migration

When we get a new customer to try the migration features, there are often many issues that we have not considered for migrating from SAP PI/PO to Integration Suite/Cloud Integration. It was the same for this month’s release.

We could ask users to support these issues themselves but knowing that a lot of customers need to migrate, we need to make the tool as solid as possible so we can make sure that we cover as many cases as possible.

This is why we are patching up our latest release.

ICO with Extended receiver Determination

This is where you have a mapping to determinate which receivers should get a given message. We could have made the simple approach but we added the option to select the correct receiver in the flow.

It results in the following flow being created. Here you can see that it even handles the routing of the messages and restore the payload.

As for all for all the cases you need to decide what makes sense for you to use. But if you just want a one-to-one migration this will work. You will also be able to see the ICOs where you uses this type of receiver determination.

Migration of Sync interfaces

Migration of Sync interfaces messages with Error Messages. We did have some issues with this automation. There is still a problem with the Error Message and the mapping. We will map the Message mapping but without any structure. The problem we would need to is to map the Camel Exception to a payload that matches the Error Message form Cloud Integration but that is another task.

Migration overview navigation

Migration overview navigation when you are on the migration overview page we have made the navigation easier. So you can choose what you want to do next. Open the object to check version, check test cases or check the monitoring.

WSDL/WSD with import statements

As a part of this release we also identified an issue with XSD or WSDL that used import. This is not supported by standard SAP migration. We are working to resolve this and it will hopefully make it into our October release.

We have also improved the Cloud Integration Message Overview to give a grouping by iFlows to allow you to see what is going on at a higher level.

We also fixed the fasted reported bug on a new feature about missing sorting.

We hope you will find this version of Figaf useful and will upgrade.

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