Replay: Automation SAP PI/PO deployments with Figaf

SAP PI/PO is a great platform for handling integration that will handle a lot of large-scale integration.

There are many manual processes that you must engage with when handling the transport of SAP PI/PO scenarios. These are the parts that the Figaf tool can help you automate.

There are a lot of options that also enable you to support the rollout of AS2 Partners or handle S/4 HANA projects with a lot of system renaming.

On 20 April 2022, we hosted a webinar to show how it would be much simpler to deliver SAP PI/PO for larger installations. The idea is once you have developed everything in the development system, everything else can be performed with the Figaf Tool. This means that once you import transport to QA or production nobody needs to be involved to handle the configuration.

This saves you from spending a lot of time writing documentation in Excel/Word about what needs to be configured in the system. This automation separates the tool from CTS+/ChaRM where you will need to perform a lot of manual after import.

You can see the replay here.

If you want to have a talk about it then book a meeting with us to talk about how we can implement this at your organisation.

If you want the slides they can be downloaded here

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