SAP API Management Configuration transports

When I was dealing with an API management project one of the things that irritated me was that you needed to configure KVMs in the target environment. And there was no real way to handle the transports. 

We have for a long time had the option to transport API Management Proxies. In this new release, we have added some more useful options.

  1. Added KVM to the synchronization means you will be able to see the different versions of the KVM. 
  2. Encrypted KVM is also synchronized but without values.
  3. The KVM is populated to the Git repository so you can manage them there together with updated Gradle Plugins so you can more easily update large KVMs
  4. It is possible to transport KVM and specify configuration at a given landscape. So you can specify the user, Host, and password for your production system in one place
  5. In API Proxies you can configure Target Endpoints, so they are pointing to different services in the landscape

I think the improvements make it a lot easier for users to manage SAP API management and get a full audit trail for each transport. 

You can see a demostration of this here:

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