SAP CPI and GIT integration

If you want to leverage the SAP CPI capabilities and improve the speed of delivery, you need a better way than using the Web front end of SAP CPI. Many users will create a GIT repository to add files to, so users will get access to all files for the project and can use their favorite IDE for it. It does require a lot of effort to keep everything synchronized.

We have started to improve the functionality for users to be able to use SAP CPI from their own IDE. For this, we have created a few new features.

  • From Figaf DevOps Tool we have added an option to synchronize all your integration content to a Git repository. You can use Github or SAP’s Git service, so all your team can get access to the same source. We support
    • Packages
    • iFlows
    • Value Mappings
    • Script Collections
    • Message Mappings
  • We have created a Gradle plugin that allows you do download, upload and deploy integration flows from your IDE. This is a free plugin you can use even if you are not using Figaf DevOps.
  • We have created a Gradle plugin that enables you to run a test case for one or more iflows as a part of a change.

Our design principle has been to make it as easy for developers to get to use Git and deliver as much preconfigured. You can add more plugins if you want to.

This is an initial version of the Git integration, and we will probably see some changes and ways to improve it over time. We have some more things that we could add like test scripts to run local testing and we need some improvements with commits. It will depend on customers inputs.

You can signup to try out the Figaf DevOps Suite tool now on your own CPI system and then once the new feature is added you will be able to run it.

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