SAP Integration Governance a Horror story

What is the one thing that can scare an SAP Integration developer or architect?

  • It is not scary movies. 
  • It is not undocumented interfaces
  • It is not missing mappings
  • It is not impossible deadlines

It is a person wearing a suit and calling himself “THE AUDITOR”.

The thing is when you get the email form the auditor 

“We are coming on Monday to check the governance of your SAP PI system”

Then you will start to feel uncomfortable

Then sweat.

Then you know the weekend is gone

Now that is real horror. 

See this video if you are not easily scared. 

The audit is important it is the only way you can prove there was a reason for all changes. I know a lot of SOX compliant places are looking for ways where they can show what has happened to the infrastructure. 

Or if you are following ITIL then you may also have some ways to enable your process. 

I know that we probably normally don’t have a lot of tools to handle how to perform well it audit. 

With the Figaf DevOps Tool, we have created an automatic way for you to create all the documentation you need. 

With a few click, you have linked a change to a business request, so when somebody wants to know why it was changed you can find the request. And you can also find what was changed in the process. 

We all know the manual steps to configure communication channels once they are imported to the production system. Then they may just make a few extra changes to ensure everything works. But are the changes also reflected back into development. 

In the Figaf DevOps Tool, you can configure what all channels should look like in the full system. So nobody needs to perform configuration once the system reaches production. 

Try the Figaf Tool

It takes 20 minutes to get started with the Figaf Tool.  You can run it on your laptop. 

It supports both SAP PI, SAP API Management, and SAP CPI in the same way. 

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