Simplifying your SAP Integration support

On our development SAP PI system, we a currently getting a lot of alerts. Some cache errors, some bad configurations, and some strange errors.

In many organizations, they just use the standard mail job to send all alerts happening on the PI system. You can then end up with a mailbox that looks completely full. Nobody knows how to process it and what has been handled. What alerts do not matter, and which is important. What do we have a solution for? 

In the AlertConsumerJob2 you can write texts on what to do for each job. But it will require quite a bit of management on the PI system to handle it. You will need steps like create new Alerts Rules, write a new text and schedule a new job. Not really optimal. 

I have seen this type of full inboxes at a number of clients and wanted to make a tool that could handle all the processing. So I created the Figaf Support tool. It was a standalone product, that we now have integrated into the Figaf suite. 

Figaf will receive and order all alerts from SAP PI/PO, SAP API Management, SAP CPI. The main feature is that it enables you to: 

  • Integrated action log, to view what needs to be processed
  • Simplify setup rules for each different alert setup with Xpath
  • Send an email 
  • Webhook to Jira, Slack or an SMS provider
  • Resent or Cancel messages
  • Mute alerts for some minutes
  • Create Ticket direct to fix the issue

You can see a demo of this in the video

  • For SAP PI it relies on CMBA (Standard alerts) enriched with PI message payload
  • For SAP CPI it has a filter to select which messages to download and treat as alert like Status = Failed, or Receiver = Log. Resent is possible with a script is applied to the flow
  • For SAP API management IRT will add some logging scripts that will use the KVM store to save alerts. 

The benefit is that you just have one way to handle all alerts for your SAP Integration. You will fast be able to set up alert processing and handling. 

You can get started now. It only takes 15 minutes to download and set up your first alert at that time. 

Download now at and get 30 days trial

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