TIP: Run SAP PI/PO Integration builder without Oracle JDK

I have wanted to avoid using Oracles Java for my webstart to open SAP PI /PO Integration Builder Repository or Directory. We recommend our clients to run Figaf with Adoptium Java 8 version because it removed the need to license of the Java runtime. I’m not sure how the license works when you run SAP Integration Builder, if SAP has paid the license or if you as a company will need to pay it.

UPDATE: There are users that have used this for projects that did not support Oracle

It does make sense to see what alternatives there are. It could also be that you needed to run the Integration Builders from a terminal server where it can be a challenge to get it to work.

I tried a few years ago to see if it was possible to use an Open JDK, but it did not work. Now I got a new Windows 11 computer, and I needed to check again and it worked. It worked fine within 5 minutes.

You can see the results here

1) First of I downloaded Java 8 from Adoptium and installed it.

2) Then I downloaded Open Webstart and installed it.

When I first tried to run, i opened the PI repository with the Jnlp file in the OpenWebstart download Java 17. So I had to open JavaWebstart and, in the JVM, add the JRE 8 that I installed earlier.

I also had to disable the java 17. There could probably be some setting on this.

Then I can open Integration Builder/Repository again and now I see that it is using the Temurin as Java vendor.

On my old PC I see the vendor as Oracle

It is not supported and there can probably be some problem with the setup once you get into really advance mode.

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