Transport SAP CPI Valuemappings and Packages

We have been getting a number of requests to enable transport of value mappings in the SAP CPI landscape. At the moment you can transport full packages but it is a manual job to transport packages in standard SAP CPI.

Update: 14/4 SAP has now released APIs value mappings. We will wait with releasing the functionality until we have changed the implementation to APIs and not the WebAPIs. Should not take long.

In the Figaf IRT tool is has been possible to transport and configure individual iflows and also govern and get a change history on it. Now we have added the option to manage packages, value mappings and also have a version on documents and URLs. You can see how the Figaf tool is able to transport your value mappings in this video.

With the full version history, it is possible to see what is changed in a value mapping.

Change tracking of the value mappings

For each change it is possible to assign it to a ticket that can correspond to a Jira, Service Now or what version system you use. The idea is to make it as simple for users to register changes and link the changes to a business reason.

Once you have assigned the object you want to the ticket. You click Start transport and then a transport will be created with all the changes you have requested. You can then send it to approval by architects. Once approved the transport can be imported to your system. In our case we reuse the same system as QA, so it is virtual. It means that a prefix/postfix will be added to the names of the objects and value mappings will not be deployed.

Git integration

The Figaf tool has Git integration that allows you to see and modify all your iflows. We event have plugins to upload your changed code from your favorite IDE. Now we are also adding the value mappings and packages into your Git repository so you have a better understanding of when they were changed.

Get to try Figaf IRT

We have tried to make it as simple as possible to run Figaf IRT. There is a free trial. The value mapping will be released in 2.13 that will be release soon.

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