Unlock the Power of Your SAP PI/PO Migration with Our Free, Assessment Report

In the complex SAP PI/PO world, a comprehensive understanding of your system is crucial for successfully migrating to Integration Suite or just operating your PI/PO landscape. Our Assessment Report will give you this understanding of your landscape, and it is FREE. 

You might ask, “If it’s free, how valuable could it be?” Let’s look at the alternatives to understand the true worth of our Assessment Report.


      • Firstly, you could use SAP’s Migration Assessment. This tool can indeed be helpful, but as we’ve found, it has certain limitations in fully understanding your landscape and planning your migration.

      • Secondly, you could manually create a report based on different extracts, which requires significant time and Excel expertise. I have heard about consultants spending days creating a report. 

      • Thirdly, you could purchase a report from a partner. While this might save some time compared to the manual process, it usually costs from 5000 EUR. Additionally, you would need to invest extra time and effort into implementing the report.

    Now, consider our Assessment Report. In just 30 minutes, it provides a detailed view of your SAP PI/PO landscape, and you can generate it right from your laptop. No juggling with multiple data extracts, no days spent compiling information, and no huge financial investment.

    But the value doesn’t stop there. The Assessment Report isn’t just a document – it’s your gateway to our tool, which further simplifies your migration process and saves you time. After generating the report, you can start your migration with just a few clicks. And then get insight on migrating and testing some of the different integration. 

    It provides information about


        • ICOs/Receiver Determinations

        • Channels including modules and configurations

        • Operations mappings including Message Mappings, Java, XSLT

        • Used Function Libs used and possible challenge for migration like parameters or RFC lookups

        • Receiver Channels

        • Number of messages processed current month

      Why do we offer it for free?

      Because we can, and we want you to start the migration now. The sooner you get your hands dirty and understand how our tool can help you migrate. Then it will be much easier for us to upsell our migration or DevOps offering (that you now have configured).  

      The assessment offers a substantial value that empowers you to make informed, strategic decisions about your SAP PI/PO migration. So, why wait? Start unlocking the value of our free Assessment Report today and take control of your migration journey.

      Just signup for our free Trial of the DevOps Suite on Prem version and run Figaf on your local PC. 

      Simplify your SAP Integration in under 10 minutes with Figaf DevOps Suite on Cloud.

      No credit card is required. 30 days free trial.

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