Validate your Iflows with git pipelines in Figaf

When you are performing transports in Figaf it would be nice to get some input on how the validation. It could be CPIlint, Junit test, or some static code checks.

In Figaf we do have the manual approval of artifacts and give the architect everything needed to approve the change.

  • Graphical view of differences
  • Source code difference
  • Mapping diff
  • Changes in Externalized parameters
  • Sanity checks if everything is fine

But if you want to include much more checks into the process you can create a pipeline that checks each time Figafs updates an iflow.

When you then try to create a transport with that iflow you will get an error. At the moment, you cannot approve the transport.

It is one of the services that require more effort to work with since you need to set up a Git repository and build the validation pipeline. We have a template for Github actions that you can use as the basis.

You can see the setup here.

Short overview of the functionality

You can read the manual and the example here.

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