Webinar: DevOps for SAP Integration Suite (CPI)

It was one of my most popular webinars for a long time. The theme about DevOps for SAP CPI and avoiding File Transports was a good idea. 

On the webinar, we covered the following topics

  • SAP CPI Transports with full visibility into the changes including
    • Testing
    • Governance
    • Configuration
    • Approval 
    • Documentation
  • How to use the Git repository to develop your SAP CPI Integration.
  • How to create automated test cases of your SAP Integration
  • How the Figaf Tool Different from Azure DevOps and similarly solutions
  • How to install and manage the tool
  • What the business case with the tool is (Save time on development, test and approval)

You can see the video here. 

The slides are here

Now it is your turn to try

There are the following resources so see the getting started guide see this blog. There is a 30-minute guide on how to get started with the SAP CPI process here

Need More information

If the tool seems interesting then and new things if you need to get to in the contract you can book a 30-minute session here.

Simplify your SAP Integration in under 10 minutes with Figaf DevOps Suite on Cloud.

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