Webinar Replay: Automate SAP PI/PO Migrations

May 7th i hosted a webinar where we covered how how you can automate your SAP PI/PO Migration.

One good question that gave a lot of reflection: What is the difference between SAPs Migration tool and the Figaf migration tool?

The SAP Migration is about migratin secenarios from one system to another. It has good support for clasical scearios and normal migrations.

The Figaf tool is about managing the full process of migration. The tool handles transports, copy Repository content, running tests, and then be able to configure everything in the landscape. So you will get consistency and reduce the risk of the projects.

We also cover Seeburger to B2B Add-on conversion. That allows you to convert Seeburger Message Mappings to B2B Add-on wiht just a few clicks.

The main part is about how the Figaf IRT tool can help govern your SAP PI/PO migration and handle all the manual steps normally involved in such a migration.

Automate your Migration

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