Webinar Replay: Regression Testing of SAP Cloud Integration (CPI)

We hosted a webinar that covered testing your SAP Cloud Integration and explained the importance of testing and the different ways you can test your SAP CPI processes. Moreover, we shared what methods of testing is built into the Figaf Testing Tool (part of the Figaf DevOps Suite) and how you can have quality testing procedures with ease with Figaf.

What we covered in the webinar:

  • Why do you want to test?
  • Standard ways of testing
  • How to automate your testing
  • Testing your PI to CPI migration?
  • Everyday usage of your test cases
  • How to get started

What is regression testing?

One definition of regression testing is, “Regression testing is a type of software test that assesses if changes to an application, or other related software components, introduce defects.” In other words, it’s a standard process for testing changes to ensure they do not change your integration.

We think this form of testing is correct and follow this line of testing in our testing tool. Additionally, we showcased how regression testing is done in SAP Cloud Integration with the Figaf Testing Tool.

Webinar Recording

Automating your SAP CPI Testing

With Figaf, you automate your testing procedures to simplify comparisons between your artifacts. All of this done with the test cases that can be easily created and modified for special conditions.

With Figaf, you can mock endpoints with just one click. Mocking endpoints are necessary for certain situations/scenarios like creating a new employee or order generation between two different systems.

You can download the slides from this webinar here.

Testing should be done daily

Testing should be a normal routine in the maintenance of your integrations. Also, each time you change your integrations should be tested and you should constantly modify/improve your test cases. You should not have an issues with knowing which test case(s) that can run and each transport should be performed if there is a test case for it. Of course, this is made easier with the Figaf Testing Tool.

Start a trial in minutes

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