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Webinar Series: End-to-End SAP Migration & DevOps

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Build SAP Integration more effectivity. In this series we will look at the different scenarios you need to consider when working with SAP integration. We wanted to give you an ability to know the full suite of options that you could use to improve your integration processes.

There are a lot of topics that are relevant for integration developers and making the development process better. That is why we have this webinar series to give you inspiration on how you can improve your development processes making it easier for your and your team to focus on creating new integration.

Note: All times are at 14:00 CEST (08:00 EDT | 17:30 IST)

Series as follows:

Tuesday 22 August – DevOps for Integration Suite (Done)

Tuesday 29 August – Using Figaf in your SAP PI to Integration Suite migration

Tuesday 5 September – Neo to Integration Suite migration

Tuesday 12 September – Improving your SAP PI/PO processes

Tuesday 19 September – Faster Cloud Integration development


Replays from the 2023 Figaf Webinar Series

DevOps for Integration Suite

Using Figaf in your SAP PI to Integration Suite Migration

How to migrate from Neo to SAP Integration Suite

Improving your SAP PI/PO processes with DevOps

Faster SAP Cloud Integration development