What is SAP CPI Best practice?

SAP Best practice has always been the holy grail for SAP customers to follow. Then you knew that what you were doing was the best you could to work optimally with the software. SAP even has a lot of Best Practices for their ERP system S/4 HANA or ERP, that shows customers in certain industries how to maximize the use of the SAP software.

I’m working with the relative new SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI), which is a new tool to make SAP Integrations with. Like a replacement of SAP PI/PO, though it has some different options and flows.

On projects, I get asked

It is therefore often customers ask what is best practice?

There are many factors in place so with the relatively low number of finished implementation compared to SAP PI/PO. But I have no doubt, that SAP CPI at the long-term will enable you to design much better workflows.

There are at least three reasons, that you should be happy to be introduced to SAP CPI:

  • It is a much freer platform, enabling patterns in different ways
  • All flows are different
  • All organization have different requirements for logging, transport, and monitoring

Maybe it will be better at a later stage, when developers learn the tool more and have a few successful implementation projects.

Check out the video where I talk a little more about he concent

So, I would very much like to hear your opinion about your best experiences with SAP CPI. How would you describe the best practice regarding SAP Cloud  Platform Integration? Please leave a comment under this blog post.

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