Which SAP APIs have changed in API Hub (API Hub Diff)

As a part of SAP Teched on SAPs API Hub have been featured an it is a great place to understand what SAP APIs exists.

We have longe been struggling to understand what SAP CPI APIs have been changed because we would just get the email that at one of my favorite APIs have been changed. But it has been difficult to find if there is any changes in the process and if we could leverage some of the new stuff.

Since we have a tool that is able to check versions of SAP CPI, SAP API management and SAP PI/PO, I thought why not use this platform for finding the differences.

You can see the tool in action here

Some images about the functionality.

It is pretty simple to try

  • So our idea is that you login to api.sap.com with your S-user. Then you add the APIs you have to the favorites.
  • Then you install the Figaf Tool (Which can be done in 3 minutes). It is a part of the Figaf DevOps Tool but it is not a licensed feature. You will receive a license to start the tool with, but you will receive it with your email. We do hope that you anyway want to check out what the tool can help you with.
  • Once you are in the figaf tool just go to the Agents tab, create a new agent with type API management and use your S-User
  • Then you can go to Track changes, select the API hub agent.
  • Then press synchronizes then it will download all your APIs.

Now you just need to wait until SAP updates the API and then you can run the syncronization and see which APIs have been updated.

Or you can stop the figaf application and then once you get the email start it again.

Limitations and future

We have Swagger Diff tool. It does not work for Open API, we hope to find an diff to be able to show the changes. For now you can still use the normal Json Diff for this.

We only support REST, Odata and Webservices it could make sense to add support for other types.

It will be interesting to see if the new API hub does contain this information and if the APIs have changed.

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