2022 International SAP PI Operations Week

The International SAP PI Operations Week is a week dedicated to the topic of SAP Process Integration and the many aspects surrounding the system.

Why a week about SAP PI/PO

The SAP Process Integration platform handles a huge volume of integration and commerce with eight more years of possible use. For all the current capabilities and opportunities with SAP Cloud Integration, SAP CPI is incorrect for some organizations. Moreover, for many organizations, many hours (as many as ten thousand work hours have been invested in designing, building, and maintaining your SAP PI/PO system, and you don’t want to get thrown away quickly.

There is still a lot to love with SAP Process Integration. It’s a robust system that is easy to build integrations in.

For the week, we will talk about better ways to manage your integration, and you will learn how to speed up the processes and remove unnecessary steps making it cheaper are safer to transport integration. Moreover, learn how to test much easier with your SAP PI/PO system.

We can also talk about migrations to Cloud Integration, but we did that often the last time we were here. But it is not all organizations where migration will make sense now.


The goal of this week is to help people know that SAP PI Operations is not just a simple thing.

SAP PI Operations Week Content

We will be hosting a webinar and publishing plenty of videos and blog posts. During all of this, we will cover:

  • Transporting more than just a CTS+ transport
  • Test case creation
  • The ongoing use of SAP PI (SAP PI is here to stay)
  • The lack of flow of ICOs
  • SAP PI to PI upgrades
  • Renaming of systems of your configurations

Videos and blog posts

We will share short videos going over varying topics relevant to SAP PI including testing, transporting and monitoring. We will supplement those videos with blog posts going into detail about the different challenges and opportunities currently available with the use of SAP Process Integration.


On Thursday, September 22 16:00 CEST, there will be a webinar on simplifying your SAP Process Integration using DevOps. We will talk about how the use of Figaf DevOps Suite will improve the management of your SAP PI system.

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