2207 Release: Figaf Cloud and multiple transports in one go

In this release we have worked to add a lot of functionality to make it easier to use Figaf with SAP Cloud Integration/CPI. We want to help you make it much easier for you to handle your SAP Integration development and cover all the features you need for your development from test, transport and monitoring.

We have the following improvements in 2207:

  • Figaf Cloud for trial
  • Import multiple transports in one go.
  • SAP CPI adding of agent wizard and create landscapes
  • Migration Report overview
  • CSV report for message monitoring

Most of the bug fixes have been to make the Script Collection and Mapping objects process more stable but also in other areas.

One small useful feature is that we always have used “/irt” to access our application. We have now removed the need for this prefix. All existing URLs will be forwarded to just “/”.

Figaf Cloud environment for trial 

One of our ongoing experiences has been to make it easier for you to try out Figaf. One of the avenues we have worked with is to create our cloud environment for running trials. The cloud makes it easier for you to run Figaf and experience the value of it. We will add some of our features earlier to this to get your feedback on them.

For now it is not designed for production. We have removed the option for batch jobs for alerting and test creation. We could consider activating it for production release but it is something that will require us making a big investment.

We made a guides that will take 10 minutes for you to get started with the tool. See our current challenge to help get you started. See the guides and get started with the tool.

Import multiple transports in one transaction

Some of our clients have been challenged by having to perform import of multiple tickets in one go on the release time. They could have 10-20 transports that all needed to be imported at one point in time. This feature is available for SAP CPI, API management and SAP PI/PO.

Now you can navigate to “Transports – My Actions” in Figaf. Then you can see the different transports you can import. You can then select many transports on the same landscape and press “Import”.

Then you can see the progress by clicking “next” to the status and the information.

The system will perform a synchronization of all the objects in the list of transport. Then perform the individual changes and then perform the final synchronization.

Duplicate objects

One thing you probably are interested in is how about if you have the same object in multiple transports. Then it will use the version from the highest transport number for and then just add information to the other objects that it is imported from a different version.


You still have the option to perform a rollback of each transport. Objects handled by another transport will not be rolled back.  

SAP CPI Agent Wizard 

To make it easier to onboard users we have created a new SAP CPI Agent addition. This simplifies the addition of agents for 90% of users. Now you just enter the CPI URL that you normally use and the S-user.

This should enable you to login much faster to the system.

After you have created the first agent you will also see the first landscape so you can try the transport process with just one SAP CPI agent connected.

Migration Report overview 

We have added many additional features to the SAP PI to CPI migration report to give you a better understanding of your integration. You can read more about in this blog.

CSV report over SAP CPI processed messages 

If you have numerous SAP CPI messages processed we have our monitor to show what is going on. It is using the live Odata view of the message processing to understand what is going on in your system.

This gives you a report with all relevant information about a message, sender, receiver and custom headers. This makes it a lot easier for the business to monitor what is going on.

What’s next?

In the next iteration we have some stories to improve testing of SAP PI to CPI migrations that we think will be a huge challenge. The tool is already capable of performing it but we are seeing a lot of interest in it together with our PI to CPI migration tool. We can see a few things that can help in the testing process.

Try it now 

We hope you want to try out the Figaf DevOps Suite and see how much time you can save on your SAP Integration development process.

Simplify your SAP Integration in under 10 minutes with Figaf DevOps Suite on Cloud.

No credit card is required. 30 days free trial.

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