2212 Release: Migration to SAP Integration Suite

In this release we have two main features.

  • Simple guide to migrate to SAP Integration Suite
  • Neo to Integration Suite migration.

On top of those two main features, we made smaller updates and bug fixes.

Guide to connect to SAP Integration Suite

More clients are using SAP Integration Suite and it means that they need to connect to agents to this. In the old approach you needed to fill in a lot of fields manually and it was not easy to understand what was going on. In the new release we will guide the user more making it easier to create a correct process.

This will hopefully make it easier for users to connect.

Neo to SAP Integration Suite 

We have gotten a lot of requests to automate migrations from Neo to Cloud Foundry or Integration Suite. There are some tools from SAP.

I think it will simplify the life of a lot of your migrations. Also, you can use Figaf to handle transports and just go for a 2 tier landscape. Saving you one Integration Suite

  • You get a central dashboard of the migration process
  • You can rename artifacts from Neo to Integration Suite. Neo was a good place to learn but now you probably want to find a new way of naming your objects.
  • Copy external configuration from existing iFlows in the landscape, or use our landscape rename for instance hostname on a global scale.

We will probably have more improvements in this feature. See more on the blog post about this feature.

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