Comparing Figaf IRT with SAP PIT

SAP has recently published SAP PIT, which is a testing tool for SAP PI/PO. Customers have asked me about the difference between SAP PIT and Figaf Testing Tool. Does it actually matter which tool you use? The answer is: Yes, it does matter. In this blog post, I will give you an overview to help you to understand the differences.

The Figaf tool is a lot faster to use for creating and running test cases on. It also has a lot better integration with a DevOps/Continues Delivery process so you can deliver your integrations a lot faster.

Figaf  Testing ToolSAP PIT
Test the followingSender Modules, Routing, Mappings, Receiver ModuleRouting, Mappings
Test case creationAutomatic process multiple recordings at one timeSetup one recording of time
System requirement recordingAll 7.31, 7.4 and 7.5 add a FigafModule or use SAP logging no patches required. Dual stack recording supported from 7.17.31, 7.4,7.5 patched after February 2019. Fetch data from dual-stack systems.
It should also be possible to record from earlier versions
PI version to run test onAll7.5 SP14
Location of testing application or dataSeparate java server and databaseSAP PI system
Can test your upgrade to sp14YesNo
Running test casesRun full test suites automatedRun one interface at the time, Then run validation
ComparisonXML, JSON, Text, Edifact, X12, Tradacom, BinaryXML, Text
Patterns supportedAsync, Sync, EDISeperator, Bridges: sync-async, async-syncAsync, Sync
Visual display of differenceYesYes (with SP15)
Data anonymizationYes No
Export of test data to PITYesNo
Integrated with Release management and change management toolYesNo
Mapping of business systemsAutomaticAutomatic (with SP16)
Add test cases from failed messagesYesNo
Manual test case creationYesNo
Releases per year123-4 per year
Price10.000+ EUR/year Included in your license

This is based on the 7.5 SP16. SAP has a roadmap to improve the tool but I do not know it.

Biggest difference

In general, the testing of the two tools works the same. Figaf is faster at creating many test cases at once and be able to run validations. It supports more patterns for testing. It will save time for testing of affected changes.

The place where Figaf really stands out is when you look at the automation for running the full SAP PI/PO environment. It will enable you to run the test cases that are affected by change/transport. You can automate the delivery process including documentation of change, transport, configuration, governance, and of cause testing.

If you want to see how the full governance model looks for SAP PI/PO including testing of a change then watch this video.

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